• Whether you begin in preschool or high school, STUDYS Ministries Christian Academy believes that education builds a foundation that will serve your child throughout life. Our students advance through general and college preparatory curriculum in small class sizes (our average class size is only 12 students). This allows us to have more one-on-one time, getting to know our students on an individual level. We also infuse biblical principles in all subjects with Christian teachers, meaning we don’t shy away from hard questions. With multiple denominations represented, our students have the chance to explore, question, and learn from others with similar values.

    STUDYS Ministries Christian Academy utilizes the A.C.E. program of learning. It boasts great academic strengths and graduates of ACE programs attend more than 1400 colleges and universities globally with outstanding performance.

    Conventional educational programs take the student through a spiral of material while introducing him to new skills in sequence. Since students are grouped chronologically, they are lock stepped and receive the same material at the same time. However, students do not necessarily all have the same level of maturity as others of their chronological age, and their natural learning rates are not lock stepped with other students. The above-average student may master the skill the first time he is exposed to it, the average student may pick up part of it, and the below-average student will often grasp only a minimum amount or fail to understand it entirely. As the spiral continues, some students stay out in front while others are left behind for a season (or for good).

    The A.C.E. program is designed around a new format: that of building skill upon skill. The scope and sequence repurposes the concept of grade level and moves with continuous progress beginning with the first skill to be mastered. Depending on their ability and motivation levels, students may move ahead rapidly or take as long as necessary, but each student masters the material.

    As the student moves upward, level after level, and moves into new concepts, he is far better prepared to learn because he has mastered the skill on the previous level. He does not advance until he has mastered each concept. He is not lock stepped with his classmates but is learning individually and completely before advancing. A.C.E. implements a unique and effective system.

    ACE Curriculum:

    1. Integration of Biblical Principles (Scripture memory, wisdom principles)
    2. Godly Character Training (A.C.E. characters, 90-character traits of Christ)
    3. Mastery-Based Learning
    4. Built-In Reinforced System of Learning
    5. Individualized Learning
    6. Development of Critical Thinking Skills
    7. Socialization

    A.C.E. Overview

    What is the PACE used in our curriculum?

    A.C.E. School of Tomorrow® has taken the conventional style textbook and divided it into bite-sized, achievable worktexts called PACEs. Each PACE is similar to a unit in a textbook. Each level consists of 12 PACEs in each subject. PACEs integrate Godly character-building lessons into the academic content, and instructional activities are carefully designed to develop thinking skills and create mastery learning.

    PACEs allow students to absorb subject material according to their own learning ability rather than being pushed forward or held back by their age. For instance, a student placed in the fifth grade by a conventional school may be taking PACEs in Level 4 math, Level 5 science, and Level 5 English in the A.C.E. program. Students may move ahead in some subject areas and proceed at a slower pace in others.