Homeschool Link

  • STUDYS Christian Academy is a proud partner of Homeschoolers in Lake County and offers drop-in electives and core classes for the upcoming school year. 


    Our Homeschool Partnership allows families to have the best of both worlds. Home-school experience in the home and social support and engagement in a safe environment at SMCA. Families can choose what works for their students. Our hybrid program allows you to pick and choose which courses you would like to do "a la carte" for your child. You can choose just one class from our list of electives or core subjects or more than one. It's up to you!


    Courses are offered in K-12th grade, with half-day options for K3-4. Each elective course runs for 8-9 sessions. (Approx equals a nine-week qtr) Core subjects and Martial Arts have separate prices.



    hand2Mind STEM Education 


    Physical Education 

    Agriculture Class

    Martial Arts 

    Math 1st-8th Grade

    Alg 1 & 2,



    English 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

    Social Studies, Geography, World History, American History, Civics, Economics 



    Electives [Except Martial Arts] $75.00

    Martial Arts $150 for 8 sessions

    Core Subjects [ Per Semester] 

    $100.00 per month 2 days a week, $150.00 per month 3 days a week. 

    One-time registration fee Electives $35

    One-time registration fee is $75.00


    We are mask optional.